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different colours, medium for bonnets price per unit best quality handmade

UBORA: 001

Gold pompon - One big ball with small fringes - The unit tassel high quality Bullion Tassel

UBORA: 002

Gold pompons, one big ball good tassel nice quality wholsale

UBORA: 003

Silver pompon - One big ball with mall fringes - The unit nice quality

UBORA: 004

Silver pompons - One big ball with - The unit different uses best quality Bullion Tassel

UBORA: 005

Small balls gold pompom, unit two different tassel good quality Supplier, Bullion Tassel

UBORA: 006

Small balls pompon silver,with thread to attach Tassel Supplier Mini Tassel

UBORA: 007

tassel red and gold color handmade high quality Bullion Tassels Supplier

UBORA: 008

2 Pieces 3-Colored Braided Honor Cords Double Graduation Cords Honors Graduation Decoration with

UBORA: 008

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