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Applique Embroidery Badge hand embroidery badges Fleet Air Arm Meteorologist naval officer uniform

UBORA: 063

Applique Embroidery Badge hand embroidery badges Fleet Air Arm Survival Equipment + Crown Trade

UBORA: 064

Blazer Badge badge cap badge merchant navy wreath flag naval officer uniform bullion embroidery

UBORA: 065

Blazer Badge badge hand embroidered gold wire bullion wire patches supplier, naval hand embroidered

UBORA: 066

Blazer patch Nautical Training Corps Chief Petty Officer Bullion wire-embroidered Naval cap badge

UBORA: 067

Blazer patch Navy Officer’s crest Bullion Wire Blazer patches – Officer embroidered bullion wire cap

UBORA: 069

Blazer patch UK ROYAL NAVY CHAPLAIN OFFICER CAP HAT BADGE QUEEN CROWN naval officer uniform bullion

UBORA: 070

Bullion Patches British Royal Navy Blazer Badge Bullion Wire Hand Made Embroidery 9cm x 10cm

UBORA: 075

Bullion Patches Bullion Cap Badge Merchant Navy hand embroidery badges, royal navy cap badges, navy

UBORA: 076

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